Terms related to Retirement Living can often be confusing.  What’s the difference between Independent Living and Assisted Living?  How do you know which level of care is most appropriate?

Independent Living is just that – folks live independently. They are responsible for taking their own medications. They are active in their communities, often driving themselves. They take care of themselves but choose Retirement communities for the increased socialization and amenities like dining, housekeeping, yard services, and exercise classes.

When people need more assistance they choose – you guessed it – Assisted Living!  But at what point is that move appropriate?  In a new survey by Caring.com, walking was the most-cited activity of daily living that tipped off family members of a loved one’s need for assisted living.

YouGov asked around 1,500 people about conversations leading up to a move to assisted living. Of those people, 18.2% of poll participants said a loved one’s difficulty walking was the first indication they saw that the family member might wish to consider assisted living.

Housework, cited by 13.1% of respondents, and transferring and driving (each cited by 12.1% of respondents), also were frequently mentioned ADLs or instrumental ADLs that needed attention.

Discussions about assisted living start around the holidays when adult children come home and notice a decline in their parent’s health, Caring noted.

“Most people tend to notice that a loved one has a hard time getting around or just keeping up with basic chores during the holiday season,” Caring Chief Digital Officer Jason Persinger said. “With so many family members coming together, it’s a popular and ideal time to discuss senior care options.”

More than 45% of people surveyed said conversations about assisted living are difficult. Of those who said so, 52% said it was difficult because their loved ones didn’t think they needed help. An additional 30% of respondents said arguments about the type of care needed were started. There were also arguments about cost, Caring said.

The survey found that 88% of people talked about assisted living services with at least one family member; 33%, talked to their mother, whereas 26% of people talked to siblings. Some said they talked to more than one family member.

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Adapted from McKnight Senior Living, December 18.2019