Don’t Hide, Get Outside!

April 25, 2019By Jenna GullickHealthy Living, Wellness

The sun is out and you should be too! There are numerous health benefits to being outdoors in nature and removing yourself from your everyday routine. Something as simple as seeing the green grass or a stream of water can provide increased feelings of renewal, restoration, and spiritual connectedness. Being at EdenHill, we are only … Read More

Spring into Fitness

March 20, 2019By Jenna GullickExercise, Healthy Living, Wellness

The bluebonnets are here, the sun is shining, and it’s time to get outdoors! Good weather brings us the perfect opportunity to take a friend to Landa Park for a stroll or hop in the pool for some water aerobics. It’s wonderful to have many options available to be active and if you’re looking for … Read More

Differing Tastes As We Age

March 19, 2019By Lwiindi Mumba, RDN, LDHealthy Living, Nutrition

Have you ever noticed how food starts tasting differently as you age? Some foods you used to love just don’t have the same effect on you anymore, or some foods you absolutely could not even stand the smell of… you are suddenly okay with? You are certainly not alone in this – it is just … Read More

Moving More May Help Older Adults Maintain Memory. EdenHill will keep you moving!

January 18, 2019By Terry JacksonHealthy Living, Wellness

Staying active in old age may help memory and thinking, according to a study published Wednesday by Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. With EdenHill’s Yoga, Tai Chi, Strength & Balance classes, Water Aerobics, Fitness room with monthly competitions, Line dancing, Samba classes and Chair Volleyball, the opportunities for movement seem endless! … Read More

What Does it Take to Live Well into your 90’s?

January 11, 2019By Terry JacksonHealthy Living

Members of the ‘Over 90’s Club’ at EdenHill speak up. Life at EdenHill is active. Very active, in fact, for those in EdenHill’s Independent Living apartments and cottages!  On Thursday, December 27th a party was held for those residents who are over 90 years old. A total of 32 residents were honored in the celebration. … Read More

A New Year Calls for a Fresh Start

January 9, 2019By Jenna GullickHealthy Living, Wellness

EXERCISE & WELLNESS | JANUARY 9, 2019 A new year brings new opportunities, goals, and motivation. Our residents at EdenHill Communities are taking advantage of the fresh start to continue bettering themselves and making positive changes in their lives. With a calendar full of activities and wellness classes, there are many options available for residents … Read More