From our newsletter:

This excerpt is told by Kelly Boesen, husband of Sue Boesen. Sue is a resident in our Willows Memory Care neighborhood. A spring-time celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary was held right here at EdenHill.

We, wife Sue (Suzanne) resident of the Willows neighborhood of EdenHill, and husband Kelly Boesen celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on Friday, April 21. Residents, staff, friends, and family helped us celebrate. Our four adult children came from California, Pennsylvania, McGregor, and Austin, and two of our grandchildren joined us. The “River Boat Piano Player”, Arland Schnacker, who often plays for Willows residents entertained everyone with his music. We also had cake and punch and balloons and flowers.

Sue and I were both teachers of deaf children. We met while I was attending graduate school in California. (My diploma was signed by Ronald Reagan, Governor of California at the time. Sue attended Gallaudet University in Washington DC and her diploma was signed by John F. Kennedy). Sue was a teacher of deaf children initially and later did a large amount of sign language interpreting for deaf people.

Sue and Kelly Boesen,
50th Wedding Anniversary CelebrationShe once interpreted for H. Ross Perot who ran for the Presidency against the incumbent President George H. W. Bush. (Kelly once interpreted for President George H. W. Bush). Sue and Kelly once interpreted together for former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. During our lives, we also hosted several students from foreign countries who lived with us and attended high schools. Later we were able to visit many of them in their home countries.

Advice? Everyone “fights” (argues). It is crucial to fight “fairly” (no name-calling, no insulting, no “putting down” the other person). Forgiveness is essential.

Fifty years seems long, but after fifty years it was no longer than the blink of an eye.

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