Where would we be without our parents and guardians? Their constant support and love has helped get us to where we are today. From cheering us on at sports events, helping us with school projects, watching us walk the stage at graduation, to seeing us grow and build our own family. They have shaped us into the individuals that we are at this moment.

Global Day of Parents is June 1st and it’s important for us to take the time to thank our loved ones for all they have done. It’s a tough job – exhausting at times, but their love for you was undeniable! Here are a few ways you can celebrate this special day and spread the love:

  1. Give them a Call – Maybe you don’t live nearby, but they sure would love to hear from you. Reminisce on stories that make you laugh or share a memory you both love. Express your gratitude and make them feel loved.
  2. Send them a Card – Make their day by surprising them with a card in the mail. You can even include a gift card to their favorite stores or restaurants. A gesture to show them you care and appreciate all they’ve done for you.
  3. Take them Out to Lunch/Dinner – Take your parents/guardians out for food. Either at their favorite restaurant or maybe a place neither of you have been to before. Spend the time together and let them know you are thankful.
  4. Look Back at Old Family Photos – It’s fun to look back on old memories that have been captured. Laugh and smile at all the times you’ve shared and maybe even make a memory book with all the pictures.
  5. Family Game Night – Get everyone together for a game night! Whether it’s a game of dominos, cards, or classic board games, use this opportunity to have fun and spend time with your family.

Be sure to thank your parents/guardians on June 1st, Global Day of Parents! Or, if you already live here at EdenHill and would like to remind your families of this special day, encourage them to read this article on our website or Facebook…  see if they’ll take the hint!

Thank you parents/guardians for all your constant love and support.