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Lost and Found: Mike and Dianna Law

Mike and Dianna met in a Denver high school and started dating their junior year. Upon graduation, Mike decided to attend Colorado State University and Dianna, who had worked for her dad during high school, decided not to attend college and get a full-time job. With her clerical experience while attending high school, she did not have a hard time finding a full-time job. They continued to date for two years after high school then decided to break up and go their separate ways.

They lost contact after that and moved on with their lives. Both married others. Mike was in the ROTC and served 5½ years in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot and was awarded the Silver Star for valor in combat. After his stint in the military, he attended Texas A&M where he received his Masters in Computer Science. After graduation, he went to work for United Airlines in the computer division. Mike married and had 4 children, one of whom recently passed away, 17 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Dianna worked for the Colorado Department of Revenue where she started her career as a key punch operator and worked her way up to the Office Manager. After each had divorced, Mike and Dianna reconnected at their twenty-year class reunion and hit it off once more. They started talking, and six months later, they were married. This year marks thirty-five years.

While together, Mike was sent to London with United along with 150 other United workers. He said it was a great experience and Dianna would come over and they would go on tours. They said by the end of his time in London, they both could have been tour guides.

Mike’s job with United gave them many opportunities for travel. They felt very fortunate to be able to travel to so many different places. They have been to Egypt, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, and Canada, but Hawaii was their favorite. They traveled so much, one time in Canada, Dianna opened her wallet to buy something and had currency from three different countries.

They say their most rewarding job they have ever had was when they served as missionaries with their church in Ghana, West Africa. There they met their best friends who resided in Texas.

Mike and Dianna were both able to retire at age fifty-seven, although Dianna was only retired for one day before returning to her job at the Dept. of Revenue. After retirement for both, they found themselves tired of the Colorado winters, so their friends told them to come check out New Braunfels. They rented a house down the street from Christus Santa Rosa Hospital and when they would take a walk they would go up Lakeview Blvd. They always thought the cottages were cute. Before long, they found themselves coming every December and January to New Braunfels and during their fourth year, they noticed construction beginning at EdenHill. They found out it was going to be an Independent Living facility and stopped in to get more information. Lucky for us that they decided to put down a deposit and move to Texas.

They are very happy here and glad they made the move. Dianna loves all the activities and how friendly everyone is. Mike even started playing bridge. Dianna likes to quilt on quiet days while Mike enjoys genealogy. He volunteers for the helicopter society and for the past ten years has been the Chairman of the reunion committee. He said each reunion has between 1200 and 1500 members and their families.

I asked what the secret to a happy marriage is and Dianna said that it is compromise. Mike said several times Dianna is a joy.