EdenHill has an award program for employees who exhibit our SPIRIT principles to support the wonderful culture and service we have at EdenHill Communities.

The SPIRIT principles are:

  • Smile, look them in the eye & call them by name.
  • Present a friendly greeting.
  • Immediately assist and go the extra mile.
  • Remain present to the customer.
  • Imagine, discover & delight.
  • Take pride in appearance, property & people.

Anyone can nominate an employee for the Spirit Award. EdenHill recently awarded this honor to Jesus Bustos, our full-time groundskeeper. The award recognizes Bustos' dedication to making the community a more beautiful place, and his willingness to help others whenever he can.

He was nominated for the award by an Independent Living resident who has worked with him on several projects. In the nomination, the resident described how Bustos had helped her with various gardening and maintenance tasks over the years, always with a smile and a friendly demeanor.

Full Nomination:

I’d like to nominate Jesus Bustos-Wences for the EdenHill Spirit Award. I started working on the Bistro Courtyard Garden shortly after moving to EdenHill in October 2019. Over the last couple of years, I’ve called on Jesus for help many times. We worked on the EdenHill East Entrance sign together two years ago; I did the easy part, and he did the hard part. He has come to my aid when a hose has exploded when I’ve needed help digging holes in the ground which sometimes seems to be hard as rock, and even moving plants in his golf cart from my cottage back to Bistro for the summer. As he drives around in his golf cart he waves to residents and greets them all with a smile. He takes pride in making the campus a more beautiful place. The latest project was permanently leveling the concrete birdbath and making a walkway from the faucet to the sidewalk in the Bistro. I had asked management for a flat surface to prevent falling because of the very uneven pavers. What Jesus made was a beautiful walkway which is way more than just safe. When I saw him afterward, I kept saying “It’s amazing!” over and over. Though sometimes I’m sure he’d love to run the other way when he sees me, he always greets me with a smile. When I brought up his name my neighbors began to rave about him and all he does around this huge campus. He works hard to keep residents happy and we all like things done differently so I’m sure we’re a real challenge. Like the new Bistro Courtyard walkway, Jesus is AMAZING and we are very lucky to have him here at EdenHill.”

Bustos' helpfulness and positive attitude have made him a beloved member of the EdenHill community. This kind of spirit makes EdenHill a special place for residents and team members alike. Congratulations to Jesus on receiving the Spirit Award and thank you for all that you do.

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