Along with EdenHill’s other fabulous amenities available to our residents, we’re proud to have an on-site chapel. Our full-time Chaplain, Rev. Sarah Currie, shares some words of wisdom with us.

Hello, Friends!

The journey of Lent begins with a humbling reminder of our mortality—“You are dust, and to dust you will return.”  In the meantime, on this mortal pilgrimage, it’s good to remember our place in the scheme of things.

My now-grown son Rhodes was eight days old when I was ordained, so by the time he was three he was pretty steeped in church talk.  He’d heard a lot about Jesus being still alive and real, and one day he asked me, “Mommy, where is Jesus, really?”   I said some Mommy/Preacher stuff about Jesus being everywhere, and also inside us, and I pointed to my mid-section, and put my hand on his little tummy, to connect.

“Is Jesus really in my tummy?”
“Well, yes, in a way.”
“Wow, he can get that little?”
“Yes.  There’s nowhere Jesus’ love can’t be.”

Then came the test:  Pointing to a mayfly hanging on our screen door, the little burgeoning theologian persisted:

“Is Jesus in the mayfly’s tummy, too?”

Stretching my theology, this one.  But I was willing to hazard another affirmative response:
“Yes, Honey.  God’s love, Jesus’ love, it’s all through everything God has made.”
“That mayfly has a little, little tummy!”
“Sure does, Rhodes.”
“Well, I guess he has a little, little Jesus in him, too!”

Satisfied, we moved on toward the park across the street, and though Rhodes didn’t ask any more questions for the moment, I watched him looking around at the other kids and parents, even a squirrel scampering up a live oak, and every now and then he would look at me and nod, and smile, as if to say, “That Jesus, he sure gets around!”

So while our little lives may be minuscule in the cosmic scheme of things, we can take comfort and sustaining nurture from knowing that the love of the Word that was at the beginning of creation, the love of the living Christ—it’s everywhere!  Including inside us fellow travelers in human skin!

I look forward to experiencing that love with you during our Lenten journey, and all our days to come.