Even with our mild Texan winters, February can feel like a dreary month. We get cold fronts. It’s grey out. The days are still short and mornings chilly. But as I contemplated this dreariness, I remembered an article I read from Forbes on Valentine’s Day, 2017. It was entitled “The 10 Habits of Incredibly Happy People”.

Over time, I’d forgotten all ten of the habits, but the overall premise of the article remained indelibly impressed upon me:  “Happiness is synthetic—you either create it or you don’t.”  And true happiness that remains over time is earned through our habits.

I dug out the article and am ‘happy’ to share these folks’ habits with you.

  1. They slow down to appreciate life’s little pleasures.
  2. They exercise.
  3. They spend money on other people.
  4. They surround themselves with the right people.
  5. They stay positive.
  6. They get enough sleep.
  7. They have deep conversations.
  8. They help others.
  9. They make an effort to be happy.
  10. They have a growth mindset (the concept that they can improve themselves with effort).

It seems to me that EdenHill has many opportunities in place to allow these habits to flourish. If you’re not taking advantage of our gym, exercise classes, line dancing, or walks at Landa Park, talk with Kaye and Jenna about how to start taking advantage of them.  And wait ‘till you see Jenna’s March Madness fitness challenge next month! She’s creating a great (and highly competitive) game for you to enjoy.

There are always opportunities for deep conversations over meals, coffee, with our Chaplain, or during Bible studies. I’ve found people here to be wonderfully supportive, drawing from their own life experiences to offer shoulders and insights when needed.

We have so many volunteer opportunities, both in the New Braunfels Community and here at EdenHill. Thank you to those of you already lending a hand! And to those who’d like to enhance this habit, our volunteer coordinator, Iris Bowden would love to hear from you. (830-500-2437)

Happiness is contagious. Studies have shown its links to increases in confidence and creativity and decreases in stress and hypertension.  Unfortunately, negativity is contagious as well. Surrounding yourself with positive people is important for your well-being.  If you’re consistently hearing conversations filled with complaints, consider weaving humor or alternative, positive reflections into the dialogue. Your positive seeds may reap rewards for everyone’s well-being.

While no one can remain happy all the time, committing to habits that promote and sustain your happiness is well worth the effort.