Having a full-time, inter-denominational Chaplain on staff at EdenHill has enormous benefits for our residents and their family members alike. It’s one more supportive service that sets us apart.

 Known by heart, called by love…

Though she’s been gone more than a dozen years now, sometimes I can hear my mother’s voice, answering the phone or opening the door to greet me, always with a tone of delighted surprise, even if she was expecting me:

“Why there you are, Sarah my darling dear!”   Her sweet, extremely Southern voice, that could stretch one syllable into several and lingered over every inflection, never failed to bathe me in belovedness, welcome, and a sense of home.   Of the many things I hope to be true about the realm beyond this life, one of the dearest hopes is that I get to hear that voice, and those words of love that poured from my mother’s heart and blessed me, as her beloved.

My son Adam continues to lose his way in the morass of mental illness that has plagued him for years.  My constant prayer and dearest hope for him is that on some level he can remember not just my love for him, as his mother, but his belovedness in God, and that remembering can make a healing difference for him.   There are so many dimensions of hurt, so many needs for healing in our world today.   The hymn text below reminds us of the essence of what Jesus came to show us, about who God is, how God cares, and how we might reflect that essence in how we treat each other.

I will come to you in the silence, I will lift you from all your fear. You will hear my voice, I claim you as my choice, be still and know I am here. I am hope for all who are hopeless, I am eyes for all who long to see. In the shadows of the night, I will be your light, come and rest in me. Do not be afraid, I am with you. I have called you each by name. Come and follow me, I will bring you home; I love you and you are mine. I am strength for all the despairing, healing for the ones who dwell in shame. All the blind will see, the lame will all run free, and all will know my I am the Word that leads all to freedom, I am the peace the world cannot give. I will call your name, embracing all your pain, stand up, now walk, and live! Do not be afraid, I am with you. I have called you each by name.  Come and follow me, I will bring you home; I love you and you are mine. 

Words and music by David Haas, from Ps. 46:10; Isaiah 43:1; John 14:27

Here at EdenHill we do our best to offer non-judgmental, unconditional loving presence and care to everyone we’re honored to serve—to love as we are so dearly and completely loved by the living God.  What a blessing!

Sarah Currie, chaplain