May is here and it’s time to spread the word about the benefits of getting active. Why’s that? It’s National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. In honor of this National recognition we would like to share various events EdenHill has created in the last couple years for our residents to promote exercise and competition.

Summer Olympics 2016:

The 2016 Olympics in Rio challenged the best athletes. We have some competitive individuals at EdenHill and wanted to see their inner athlete shine. Residents were placed on teams and had to work together to accumulate points, which were rewarded for attending daily exercise classes, as well as other special competitions. These competitions challenged them physically and mentally, and included chair volleyball, brain games, swimming, balance, board game competitions, and more!

Super Bowl Walking Challenge:

Super Bowl season is a busy time of year and we put our residents to the test! With a partner, they were required to keep track of their daily steps or the amount of time they were physically active per day. Their goal was to accumulate a total of 500,000 steps in three weeks to achieve a touchdown. This may sound unachievable, but we had one team earn a total of 737,566 steps!

Iron Man Triathlon:

A 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run is what it takes to complete an Iron Man Triathlon. From May 1st to May 31st our residents had 31 days to complete the race distances and be classified as a finisher. They could gain the distance in each event by participating in certain fitness classes and by working out in the gym. Our residents are dedicated and those that finished the Iron Man Triathlon, are definitely allowed to brag about it!

Secret Message Challenge:

Do you have detective skills and enjoy solving puzzles? This is the challenge for you! Only 2 weeks were given to solve the secret message, which had been coded and represented by numbers. In order to figure out what letters represent which numbers, the residents could either attend Brain Fitness classes and/or complete additional puzzles. They had to put the letters together to form words and eventually, solve the secret message.

March Madness:

One board game. Two different tracks. How will you decide to get to the end? A giant board game was created with a physical fitness track and a brain challenge track and it was up to the residents, which path they wanted to attempt. Both tracks required residents to complete a challenge before they could roll the dice and move their player marker on the board. Wherever they landed, determined what they had to complete next before rolling again. We even had some residents try to complete both tracks, and some were successful in their endeavors. The residents had a blast with this competition!

Our residents at EdenHill have a variety of daily exercise classes and options to choose from. Throughout the year we like to give them an additional challenge that allows them to show their strength and bring out their competitive side. The residents competing are fun to watch, but it’s an even better feeling knowing they are enjoying every moment. Life at EdenHill is exciting!

Let us know in the comments below which competitions you would be most interested in participating in.