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At EdenHill, we strive as a nonprofit organization to provide exceptional care and support to our residents while fostering a vibrant and engaging community. To fulfill this goal, we rely on the generous support and contributions of various partners, one of which is Morrison Living. Morrison provides dining service to our entire campus and supports our outreach efforts throughout the year. Read on to learn about our partnership.  

Morrison’s Support for Public Outreach Programs 

Morrison has been an instrumental partner in supporting EdenHill’s annual public outreach programs, which include events like the Alzheimer’s and Caregiver’s Symposiums. These events play a vital role in educating the community, and they must remain accessible to all attendees, free of charge. To ensure this, Morrison has regularly sponsored a breakfast spread for the event participants, contributing to the success of these educational initiatives. 

An Innovative Solution 

Beyond their support at our events, Morrison understands that having the right people on the team is crucial to driving the community’s mission and core values. One shining example of a team member who exemplifies this dedication is Chef Nicole Branch. 

Supper Pudding

Chef Nicole Branch took it upon herself to tackle a significant supply chain challenge. Our Team was

concerned that some residents may not have been consistently receiving essential supplements to address weight loss. Nicole demonstrated her ingenuity and creativity by devising a sustainable solution to the problem. 

She developed a recipe using ingredients that the community could consistently receive, and then she invited residents to sample and provide feedback. The result was the creation of a unique and nutritious “super pudding” that supplies twice the amount of protein and calories compared to the previous supplements. Not only did this solution improve residents’ nutrition and wellness, but it also resulted in cost savings for the organization. 

Praise for Chef Nicole’s Dedication 

Wendy Carpenter, CEO of EdenHill, expressed her admiration for Chef Nicole’s perseverance and dedication in finding a solution to the challenge. She praised Nicole’s ability to think outside the box, emphasizing that not providing a supplement was not an option. Chef Nicole’s relentless efforts to find a suitable resolution epitomize the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” 

The impact of Nicole’s super pudding was not just evident from the cost savings, but also from the positive feedback received from residents. Loved ones of EdenHill residents lauded the delicious and nutritious pudding, highlighting how it became a favorite nourishment for many. 

Celebrating Success and Collaboration 

EdenHill is proud to celebrate the success achieved through the collaborative efforts of our team members. The dedication demonstrated by the entire Morrison team in supporting our not-for-profit mission, combined with Nicole’s innovative solution, exemplifies the spirit of community and caring that makes EdenHill a special place. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Chef Nicole and the entire Morrison team for their unwavering support and exceptional contributions, which continue to make a positive difference in the lives of our residents. 

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