For all the havoc that COVID-19 has wreaked, none have suffered more than the Senior population. We have all seen tragic statistics reporting heart-wrenching losses of our older citizens.

So why in the world would anyone move into a retirement community in the middle of a pandemic? In the words of our newest Independent Living resident, “I’m tired of isolating at home alone. I would rather isolate among friends.”

Individuals in our Independent Living have their own apartments or cottages but have access to a plethora of common areas and activities where they can safely socialize with others. COVID restrictions keep people from congregating in large groups, ensure mask-wearing and physically distancing. However, the number of opportunities for socialization remain nearly limitless!

Throughout the pandemic we have maintained yoga, water aerobics, numerous fitness classes as well as competitions. We offer personal story-writing, art classes, line-dancing, bible-study, poker, and chess club. Since the arrival of COVID, our Lifestyle director started a whole new line of technology-related classes, including Zoom and Social-media classes, and seminars on use of tablets, PC’s and cell phones to ensure effective communication with family members.

Isolation takes a serious toll on those living alone. When people move into a retirement community, there is always someone to have coffee with, to dine with, to simply BE with.

There are other major benefits to communal living during a pandemic, including receiving the vaccine itself! 95% of our Independent Living residents chose to participate in our vaccine clinics. It has been extremely challenging for their counterparts living in private homes to easily access vaccines. At EdenHill, we provided the clinic—all they had to do was sign up and show up!

The recent winter storms left countless people without electricity or access to water. Those living at EdenHill were warm, well-fed, and did not have to worry about broken water pipes or ruined landscaping.

EdenHill Communities truly offers peace of mind to residents. We are the only community in the region who offers a full continuum of care on one 27-acre campus (Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Nursing and Rehabilitation). As needs change over the years, residents can seamlessly transition to higher levels of care within the same community.

The isolation caused by COVID has been brutal. The socialization and security offered in Retirement communities is needed now more than ever for active retirees craving a stimulating, social environment.

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