Dear Weather,

We would like to cut our free 7-day trial of Alaska short. The past few days have been extra-ordinary in Texas. Heatwaves, we can handle – but ice, snow and rolling blackouts? No thank you. From the news, to social media and neighborhood apps, we know – you get it — it’s been cold!

We already knew how amazing our team was, but we should show some extra attention to the incredible people who have been there every day to support our residents. Since the weekend, it has been an all-hands-on-deck event at EdenHill. We needed to keep our dining services up and running, trouble shoot technology and communication, and most importantly, maintain high standards of care for our residents.

Despite what your social media timelines may tell you, this weather event and everything that came along with it was no surprise. Our leadership team was prepared. Last week was spent reviewing policy, identifying critical staff, making communication plans, and even arranging for overnight stays. Here are a few of the critical team players whose dedication to our residents did not go unnoticed.

Jo Jo Dilworth

Jo Jo has been a dedicated team member for 31 years here at EdenHill and currently works in our long-term nursing memory care neighborhood. When the call was put out for volunteers for overnight stays, Jo Jo stepped up to the plate. He stayed four days and three nights.

Heather Blackburn & Sharon Radke

Sharon (pictured left) and Heather (right) have a combined tenure at EdenHill of 53 years. Both have worked in our long-term nursing care throughout this winter weather event.

Sharon and Heather have braved the elements each day to make sure they are here to provide care and service to our residents.

Wendy Carpenter, Debbie Downey & Audrey Ramsbacher

These three key players are our CEO (Wendy, pictured left), Director of Nursing (Debbie, middle), and Administrator (Audrey, right). You know you have a dedicated leadership team when they all opt to stay the night. Yes, you read that right! All three, stayed at least one overnight to make sure our residents and team were taken care of. Debbie spent 5 consecutive nights on campus!

This level of dedication can be found at all service lines  across campus. We are so proud of the amazing team that we have built here at EdenHill.

Thank you, Team, for weathering the storm. You are truly amazing.