As you have seen in the news, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued new guidelines relating to fully-vaccinated people. Our Team reviewed the guidelines and were happy to announce changes to Independent Living last week. Here is an update from our team and how visits with loved ones are shaping up as we return to a more normal routine.

Fully vaccinated Independent Living residents and visitors are no longer required to wear a mask in our Independent Living areas.

Great News! Visitors of our Independent Living residents are no longer required to wear masks. The caveat? Visitors must be fully vaccinated and willing to provide documentation.

To be fully vaccinated, a person must be:

  • two weeks post the second vaccination of a two-shot series
  • two weeks post first vaccination of a one dose series.

Regardless of vaccination status, any Independent Living resident exhibiting COVID symptoms will be isolated and recommended to test.

We are cautioning residents to stay on guard when outside of our EdenHill Community.

Comal County rates and vulnerability are still a concern. While EdenHill has a high vaccination rate, in the outside community, residents risk greater exposure. We continue to encourage safe practices during planned outings, shopping trips, and other activities where social distancing may be hindered.

Guests: As of this past Monday, May 24th, guests who have been fully vaccinated can now spend time in our common areas.

In combination with our relaxation of masking, we welcome back visitors to common areas. We will keep a copy of vaccination records on file and give guests a reusable vaccination wrist band. This wrist band signals they have been given the “green light” to unmask & gather in communal areas.
Guests must still be screened upon each visit and regardless of vaccination status, anyone with COVID symptoms will be denied visitation on campus.
If you have not been vaccinated, you are still welcome to visit your loved one. We ask that you wear a mask, conduct your visit in your loved one’s home, and refrain from our Common areas.


Like many businesses in the Food Service Industry, our Dining Team has been impacted by hiring deficits. We encourage our guests to use our casual Bistro dining options during visits. Choose from a selection of prepared wraps, salads, and snacks or treat yourself to a hot meal during regular hours.

When our staffing is stable, we will welcome guests back to our full-service Terrace dining room.