This week at EdenHill, we have been honoring our front-line heroes. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has stepped up to meet the challenge. Quickly adapting to the fluid situation, while mirroring our core values, has proven the resilience of our community.


No matter where you look around our campus, we promise you’ll find someone smiling. Behind the protective face masks are a myriad of positive sentiment. Our very own Bill Mixon, Community Council President, said it best when he described EdenHill as a “community together.” These two words perfectly compound the ideals of compassion, respect and dignity we honor.

We currently have stringent regulations regarding entry to our campus. Our front-line team has diligently adopted screening procedures as a mitigation effort. We will continue to apply these, and similar efforts, with our residents at the forefront of all decisions.


Social distancing should not mean giving up the good things in life. This has put a damper on lively gatherings that are at the heart of what brings EdenHill together, but has not deterred us.

Adaptability, for us, means finding new ways to bring value, quality and service to our residents. Adjusting dining options and creating additional exercise classes to are just two examples of how our team has risen to the occasion. We are doing our best to learn from this experience– and we are listening to the feedback. EdenHill is dedicated to becoming a better community, every day.


Today more than ever, the importance of transparency is paramount. We post regular updates to our website and share key information with our community. We encourage two-way communication; conversations enable EdenHill to operate with integrity. Our concierge team also has an open invitation to our residents who want to familiarize themselves with Social Media applications that help connect them with their families.

If we could assign the year 2020 a persona, the overall mood would be uncertainty. We are determined to continue to provide honest answers to the hard questions.


In 1906, EdenHill was created on a foundation of faith. Today, we still believe that spirituality should guide us in all aspects. Adapting to our new normal has graced us with the opportunity to do so while exploring technology.

We have embraced applications like Zoom and YouTube as a way to stay connected with God. Sunday service is streamed live and archived the following Monday. While we may not be able to gather, we can still rejoice! Our hope is to continue to innovate on behalf of our residents, their families and our team.


To those on our team: we thank you! We are so lucky to have shared values, uplifting personalities and perseverance in our community. A special thanks is in order to our residents as well. Your understanding and acceptance through trying times has been exceptional.

Throughout our extended “staycation,” we will continue to revisit our core values. Reflecting on what makes EdenHill so great fills us with a sense of pride and optimism. We choose to view uncertainty as unrealized opportunity.