The bluebonnets are here, the sun is shining, and it’s time to get outdoors! Good weather brings us the perfect opportunity to take a friend to Landa Park for a stroll or hop in the pool for some water aerobics. It’s wonderful to have many options available to be active and if you’re looking for a sign to get started, today is the day.

EdenHill Independent Living residents are provided with a week full of exercise classes to improve all components of fitness. From gentle chair yoga and chair exercises to intermediate total body workout, there are options for every individual.

Gentle water aerobics and morning water aerobics are back in
season and will begin in April. These classes are not the same and offer different benefits to the residents. Gentle water aerobics is easy on the joints and works on increasing range of motion, strength, balance and endurance. Variety of exercises that target different muscle groups using the pool noodles, water weights, or just the resistance of the water. Modifications are given when needed so everyone can continue moving and participate. Morning water aerobics moves at a faster pace and builds cardio, endurance, and strength. Class consists of warm-up exercises, cardio exercises, using water weights and noodles, doing upper and lower body strength building exercises, and balancing.

Walking in Landa Park offers fresh air, friends, animals and exercise. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Improve your endurance and cardiovascular health while enjoying the nature around you.

One of the most well-attended classes we offer is chair exercises. You CAN get a full-body workout in a chair! You can improve your muscular strength and endurance, as well as cardiovascular endurance. Different workouts each class and various equipment is used to target different muscle groups. At the end of the class, there is an optional standing balance portion that lasts about 5 minutes.

We also offer two different yoga classes – chair yoga and gentle chair yoga. During chair yoga individuals perform postures and breathing exercises with the aid of a chair. Students can experience the many benefits of yoga without having to get up or down from the floor. Benefits include increased balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and stress reduction. Gentle chair yoga focuses on breath and movement joined together in a relaxing and stress relieving atmosphere. During class, your focus will be on yourself and how your body is feeling at that moment. Benefits include increased flexibility, range of motion, breath work and stress reduction.

Tai chi for arthritis is an enjoyable exercise that is easy to learn – almost anyone can do it. Tai Chi for Arthritis can help relieve your pain and improve your health and balance. It consists of slow fluid movements/forms that are done standing. These forms can be memorized, and then practiced on your own at home, as well as in class.

In addition to keeping your body strong, we also want to keep our brain sharp. Brain Fitness can help maintain or improve your cognitive abilities with various puzzles. The puzzle include word unscrambles, number puzzles, crosswords, hidden objects and more. Challenge your mind as you listen to soft relaxing music.

We all know that there are many benefits to exercise including weight management, improving cardiovascular health, prevention of falls, increasing muscular strength and much more.

Physical activity does not have to strenuous or lengthy to be effective. Your goal should be consistency and to attempt to make it a part of your daily routine. One of the many beauties of living at EdenHill is the number and variety of exercise classes and activities offered to our independent living residents. Start today and get moving!