What brings your life purpose? What activities are you involved in that are meaningful to you? Aging is inevitable, and it’s important that we continue to be active and involved to build resiliency.

Aging can mean an increase in chronic conditions, disease, loneliness and cognitive impairment. All of these conditions can lead to despair if older adults are not offered opportunities to engage meaningfully with the environment and people nearby. Viktor E. Frankl once said, “Who has a why can bear almost any how.” It remains true that as long as a person has access to meaningful engagement, they can remain resilient in the face of the challenges that come with aging.

Patricia Boyle’s 2019 NIC Talk discusses the power of resiliency and meaning. She describes how purpose in life reduces suffering in the face of adversity and may have health benefits. Another study also found that purpose in life is one of the best predictors of health and wellness in old age.

Having access to meaningful engagement opportunities can be found at EdenHill Communities on a daily basis. We bring fun, wellness, and social connection back into the residents’ daily lives. Between exercise classes, happy hours, and a calendar full of activities, you’ll have to pick and choose what you want to do each day.

We offer a variety of exercise classes, such as water aerobics, chair exercise, chair yoga, and chair volleyball. Our goal is to keep you moving in a fun, motivating environment. We want you to reach your wellness goals and help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

As for monthly activities, we visit shopping malls, movie theaters, museums, restaurants, nature trails and much more! Choose how you want to spend each day and grab a friend to join you on the adventure. With a wide variety of outings and activities, we can provide you with social opportunities and a feeling of community.

Keep yourself involved and engaged in activities that bring you happiness. Finding a balance, knowing your ‘why’, and creating purpose in one’s life is the key to resiliency in the aging process.

Adapted from McKnight Senior Living.