Starting August 5th, the Wheel of Exercise will begin. Contestants will spin the wheel, complete tasks, solve puzzles, and have fun while working towards getting the most points. There has been much preparation for this event, with the most important component being the wheel.

Here at EdenHill communities, we have a woodshop available to our handy residents who enjoy building and working on projects. The wheel that will be used for our competition was built and put together by EdenHill resident, Herb Plehn. He has been working diligently on this project and has been making amazing progress. When I gave him the deadline of August 1st, he didn’t hesitate to tell me “that’s plenty of time.” Mr. Plehn has essentially created a 4-foot-wide Lazy Susan. Resident, Ken Pollard assisted Mr. Plehn with the spinning mechanism and together, they were able to make it functioning.

Mr. Plehn has been involved in wood working for 65 years and he appreciates the creativity that is put into each project. When it came to creating the wheel, he said “I enjoyed making something for the Pinnacle, working with Jenna, and it kept me busy and out of trouble.” He carried on to say “people in the hobby shop are willing to make furniture repairs and take on other projects that are within their capabilities. Donations to the hobby shop are always accepted and appreciated.” We are happy to provide a site for our residents to use their skills and be creative on a daily basis.

Progress has continued to be made on the wheel and we are anxiously waiting to use it for our Wheel of Exercise.

A huge thank you to Herb Plehn and Ken Pollard for their time and creativity. We WHEELY appreciate your hard work and for helping us make this event special!