As many of you are aware, there has been an indication by state and local officials that we may be experiencing another spike in COVID-19 cases. Going into Memorial Day weekend, our County had 90 COVID-19 cases. As of today, our County reported 277 cases .

EdenHill has been fortunate to continuously report zero cases over the last three months. We shared with our staff members, residents, and their representatives that three of our employees have tested positive. None of the employees have shown symptoms of the disease and all are self-quarantining.

Of these cases, two were part time employees who haven’t been on campus since their exposure. Due to privacy regulations, we are unable to provide specific information about the individuals.

We have performed an internal contact tracing investigation to identify individuals who may have had direct contact with these employees to reduce risk of further exposure. We will continue to implement stringent screening measures.

The health and wellness of our residents and the caregiving teams who support them is our top priority. We believe that face-to-face visits are vital, and tried to offer safe, socially-distanced visits to family members missing their loved-ones. In light of the dramatic increase in COVID cases in our community, all scheduled family visits (which were held outside of the facility with additional precautions) will halt until further notice. We will continue to offer virtual visits with your loved ones.

Our promise to our staff, residents, families, and greater community is to remain honest and transparent. EdenHill’s leadership is in regular communication with local and State public health officials. We are working with the Comal Country Health Department, the CDC and, and Texas HHS. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them.