Texas is reopening…why isn’t EdenHill Communities?

EdenHill Communities enacted very strict visitation measures when COVID-19 first became “community spread” in Comal County. We limit all outside visitors and limit all non-essential traffic from traversing separate sections of our campus. We reduced group activities to 10 or less individuals who must wear face masks and practice physical distancing. We ask that our Independent Living residents do not leave our campus unless for emergencies, and our Healthcare and Assisted Living residents do not go into the community unless it relates to medical care.


Our primary consideration during this crisis is the safety of our vulnerable residents and staff.  Therefore, we will base the decision regarding reopening our Community on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC recently released guidelines on safely reopening businesses. The guidelines are data-driven and include our county having a robust testing program that provides results within 2 days and a downward trajectory (or near-zero incidence) of documented cases over a 14-day period.


In Comal County, our positive tests are trending upwards. Additionally, we simply don’t have enough tests available in our County. When our County is in compliance with CDC guidelines we will consider re-opening. At this time, we cannot meet the CDC recommendations and we cannot predict when restrictions will soften, although we anticipate restrictions lasting throughout the summer.


Please be patient with us as we strive to keep your loved ones and our Team members who care for them safe.