Through our partnership with Carvajal Pharmacy we were able to offer COVID-19 vaccines to the families of those that work and live here at EdenHill Communities.

On March 31, 2021, EdenHill entered into a partnership with Carvajal Pharmacy to provide prescription medication services to individuals across our services lines. One of the perks of partnering with Carvajal came in the form of their COVID-19 vaccination certification. Through this certification they can offer vaccinations to their clients, separate from  the large hubs and waitlists most recognizable through news coverage.

Earlier this year, we were blessed to have been a part of the national pharmacy registry for COVID-19 vaccinations. The success of the national registry has increased peace of mind across campus. However, these clinics were only available to our residents and staff.

Now, our goal is to provide additional COVID vaccination opportunities as we strive to continue relaxing restrictions in our community.

Protecting our residents and staff remains a top priority. We are pleased with those who took advantage of this opportunity in support of the ones they love. We are hopeful to continue to offer this resource to give back to our residents, their families, and to the community.

We encourage everyone in our community and surrounding areas to consider vaccination opportunities for you and your loved ones. Please see below for additional resources.



Find out what the CDC says about activities after being fully vaccinated here.

You can learn more about Carvajal Pharmacy here.

Find Texas COVID-19 Vaccine hubs and availability through this interactive map.