Our three week, Wheel of Exercise event has come to an end. From completing tasks to solving puzzles, our residents stayed busy and enjoyed their time playing. Their competitive spirit really shined and their determination to keep going was fun to watch. I’m so proud of all of their efforts and I’d like to share the journey of the event with you.

Getting Started

Like any other project, this event started as just an idea in my head. I needed puzzles, letters, tasks, and most importantly, a wheel. Mr. Plehn, one of our residents at the Pinnacle, helped bring this game to life by creating a beautiful, fully-functioning wheel. When I approached him about making the wheel he didn’t hesitate to say that he could get the job done. In fact, within an hour he had a sketch of the wheel with measurements, ready to go!

I was surprised by how quickly he was making progress. It seemed like each day another component was completed. Having a wheel the contestants could spin really made the game special. We are truly grateful, and thank you Mr. Plehn for your hard work and determination!

How to Play

The first step of the game was to spin the wheel to receive a task. A point value was associated with each task and whatever the contestant landed on, they had to complete. Some of the tasks included going to an exercise class, drinking their recommended amount of water in a day, working through a brain fitness packet, solving riddles, and much more! In addition to the wheel, we had a large puzzle wall that contained three category puzzle and one bonus puzzle. When a contestant finished and submitted their task, they were able to guess a letter, and if possible, solve a puzzle. The competition was point based, and the one with the most points at the end of the three weeks was recognized as the winner.

We had 17 residents compete in this event, all having fun, and some racing for the 1st place spot. Events bring out our residents’ competitiveness. I had some contestants taking notes on the puzzle wall, completing up to five tasks a day, and one individual even downloaded the “Wheel of Fortune” app, just to practice solving these types of puzzles.



Throughout the competition 1st place was fluctuating between several different contestants. It was neck and neck until the very last week. After the competition came to an end, we threw a short award ceremony at our Luau party. I wanted to recognize our top three point earners, as well as those that participated.

1st place: Cathy O’Shea (9795 points)

2nd place: Rachel Waples (8065 points)

3rd place: Esther Varga (7510 points)

All winners received a prize and certificate to recognize their hard work and effort.

Thank you

Seeing contestants spin the wheel, rushing to turn in their completed task, watching them guess letters, and solve puzzles – I enjoyed every moment. I hope that this game allowed them to try new things, challenged them mentally, encouraged them to volunteer and help others, motivated them to be physically active, and overall live a healthier lifestyle. Thank you again to everyone that participated and to Mr. Plehn for creating the wheel and making the game an even better experience.

Feedback from our participants:

This 3-week focus allowed me to really grow stronger. I took more chances to get fit, physically and mentally, and mix with our competitive community. It was fun. I got acquainted with water aerobics for the first time and this focus helped me exercise more and drink more water as well. – Barbara McHale

Wheel of Exercise was really a fun experience involving both the body and the mind. I loved every minute of it. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this together. – Esther Varga

This game is very creative and provides an excellent incentive to continue to participate by spinning the wheel for a new challenge. I have really enjoyed playing it. – Janice Howland

What fun! With Jenna as our talented and imaginative leader, we had 3 weeks of stimulating physical and mental exercise, competition, and mystery. Jenna designed all the games, puzzles, and tasks herself, encouraging each of us along the way. She is a gem! – Cathy O’Shea

Spinning the wheel is fun and trying new experiences is challenging. – Rachel Waples

Interesting and fun! – JoAnn Loe

It has been fun! I went for a class because it was an assignment. – Chris Waples