Picking a place to retire is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Too many people make that decision impulsively. They decide they want to live somewhere warm or with lower living costs or with a good health system.   Yes, finances, weather and good doctors are important, but so are social connections, political orientation, and a host of other factors.

 Here’s how to avoid costly retirement mistakes

  • Does it fit your retirement ‘mission?” Does a retirement location support your retirement “purpose?”  Those who know what their next life’s purpose or mission is before they retire will be drawn to a community that supports that purpose, whether it’s helping the homeless, starting a new business or working part time in the “gig” economy.
  • Try a few before you move.  Review the different cities or towns you’ve dreamed of living in before you make a permanent move.  Pick your top two and do a one year rental in each. Immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. Volunteer.  Join local organizations. See how easy it is to make friends and get involved in the community. Consider the logistics of your day to day life—getting to stores, gym, place of worship, airports.  Can you see yourself living there?
  •  Use online resources.Find the local NextDoor.com site, and get to know people on it.  Tell the locals you’re thinking of moving there and ask what kinds of resources are available.
  •  Consider your family ties. Figure out how you’re going to maintain family relationships from a distance.  Some retirees move across the country and find themselves missing being part of their grandchildren’s lives as they grow up, and end up moving back.  It might be wiser to pick a retirement destination that’s a quick, inexpensive flight away from family, or retire closer to your children.
  •  Find a way to live near your essential support system.This is especially important for singles. It might be in a life plab community, co-housing community or a condo complex. These options are increasing as communities realize the increasing numbers of older adults in their midst.”

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Contributor:  seniorplanet.org